Ryan Beck is a talented artist known for her colorful and vibrant prints.  Whether you choose to work with a local framer, an online framing service like Framebridge, or decide to take the DIY approach, there are many options for framing your art prints. While each option has its benefits, it's important to keep in mind some key tips to ensure that your frame is both functional and visually appealing. By investing in quality materials, measuring accurately, considering the design, using proper tools and techniques, and hanging securely, you can create a beautiful and personalized frame that will showcase your art print and protect it for years to come.

Here are some print framing tips to help you display your Ryan Beck artwork in your home or office.

  1. Choose a Simple Frame

Ryan Beck's art prints are often colorful and bold, so it's best to choose a simple frame that won't compete with the artwork. A black or white frame can work well with his prints, creating a classic and timeless look. Alternatively, you can choose a frame that complements the colors in the artwork, such as a natural wood frame for prints that feature earthy tones.

  1. Consider Matting

Matting can help to enhance the beauty of Ryan Beck's prints by creating a border around the artwork and separating it from the frame. A white or cream mat can create a clean and classic look, while a colored mat can add a pop of color and make the artwork stand out. However, if the print is already bordered, it may not need additional matting.

  1. UV Protection

Like all prints, Ryan Beck's prints are susceptible to damage from UV rays. To protect your print from fading and discoloration, consider using UV-protective glass or acrylic when framing it. This will help to filter out harmful UV rays while still allowing you to enjoy the beauty of the artwork.

  1. Mounting

Mounting Ryan Beck's prints is an important step in framing them. The best method for mounting a print will depend on the type of print and the type of paper it is printed on. You may need to use an adhesive or corner mounts to keep the print in place. Alternatively, you may want to consider taking the print to a professional framer to ensure that it is mounted properly.

  1. Hanging

When hanging Ryan Beck's prints, consider the weight of the frame and use appropriate hardware to ensure that it is secure. If the print is heavy, use a picture hanger or a nail that can support the weight. If the print is light, you can use adhesive strips or a small nail.

In conclusion, Ryan Beck's art prints are beautiful and colorful, and they deserve to be displayed in a way that showcases their beauty. By following these print framing tips, you can create a beautiful display that will enhance the beauty of the artwork and protect it from damage.