Oyster painting, modern coastal ryan beck charleston sc original oyster art pink and blue

Oyster Painting

Original oyster painting, oyster art, blue and pink oysters ryan beck art charleston modern coastal interior design

When I initially created a composition sketch for this piece, it had a different ending. However, when I got to this point, it felt complete. I felt it.

It is interesting how that happens in the studio…Or in life really. One minute you have all these plans and then the next, you find yourself consciously aware you’re not where you thought you were going, however, you’re  right where you’re meant to be. Call it alignment, fate, luck. I think we can call both the experience… ART.

This piece is an original 11x14 acrylic, graphite, wax pencil on 11”x14” archival paper.

Oysters signify abundance. This piece is recognizing the abundance around you at this very moment.

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